Stryker (v2) "RadioOnChip" 10M radios Distortion of RX audio during busy conditions
an unusual observation..

Don't get me wrong, I love the new series of 10M radios from Stryker.  However, on a few occasions, I have noticed an unusual sound from an AM radio... the RX sounds like a VOIP call with a bad connection (technically, termed "jitter"). This only seems to occur (or at least, be noticeable) when the channel gets busy. The problem seems to be at its worst when mother ​nature opens up the aether and the background noise level is S5+.  I don't believe it is due to RX overload; nearby transmitters don't seem to have the same effect as a "busy" channel.  Two of the offending radios have been the v2 SSB models, the other is a v2 AM/FM model. Am I the only one? I have been searching for nearly a year now and have not found anyone else complaining...but... on 3 different radios, from 3 different production runs, I have confirmed this phenomena.

Has anyone else noticed this?  Would you care to speculate the cause?  Share ​your hypothesis;