First Class Radio, Inc. - Our Warranty

We offer a full 90 day repair warranty for all items sold or serviced in our shop. As long as the item does not show signs of abuse or damage due to "operator error" in any way, tampering, or service performed by unauthorized personnel or another shop, the repair will be free of charge. RF transistors, tubes, and their associated components are not covered in any radio or amplifier repair or return.

WHAT IS MEANT BY "operator error"? Anything that could cause damage to any unit / item /device; Examples are (but not limited to): items dropped or jarred bad enough to cause visual or non-visual damage, hooking up the power reversed, transmitting with no antenna or a bad / improperly adjusted antenna / antenna system (including coax, switches, filters, meters, etc.), overdriving or overworking a piece of equipment beyond its reasonable / rated capabilities, oversized fuses in the fuse holder, improperly sized wiring will void this warranty. RF power devices such as transistors and tubes are not covered in this warranty. Should any of these items become damaged, replacement is the sole responsibility of the owner of the equipment.  

Concerning computer issues:  Our warranty covers all hardware related failures, however, software related failures will ultimately be decided at our discretion.  The cost of removing virus, adware, malware, etc. infections is not covered under this warranty, and will be the sole responsibilty of the owner of the equipment.

All returns must be accompanied by a receipt. New items must be returned in their original packaging, including all brackets, cords, accessories, owners manual, plastic bags, pieces of styrofoam, cardboard, or other shipping / packaging materials. NEW ITEMS MUST STILL BE IN NEW CONDITION FOR A FULL REFUND. "New" items that are returned for any other reason than defect, and that show signs of use (nicks, scratches, dust, crushed or damaged packaging, modification / tampering, etc) will not be issued full credit. A 20% restocking fee applies to any item(s) returned for any reason other than defect. Shipping (if applicable) is the sole responsibility of the customer. Returns not made in person will not be honored without an RMA. If you need to make a return, please call 618-797-3266 for further instructions.