Prototyping Services

To put it simply, We're geeks. We enjoy a challenge, and we're passionate in our work!

We can design, build or automate anything you can imagine, including (but not limited to): HVAC controls, boiler controls, solar charge controllers, alternative energy / off-grid systems, custom surveillance vehicles & other specialty systems, energy management / monitoring systems, remote monitoring and/or control systems, covert monitoring systems, etc.

There really is no limit to what we can do! Our skills, experience. constant eductation, state-of-the-art equipment, resources, motivation, and most importantly, dedication combine to provide you with the most flexible solutions to your technical problems.

We specialize in microcontroller implementation, and can design systems to automate, control, and report as you desire.

We also build highly customized, specialized, single purpose components/systems; so don't be afraid to ask... we can make it for you.

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