First Class Radio, Inc. - Point Of Sale System

We design and build complete point of sale systems for many applications.  Our software package makes it easy to manage your inventory, stay ahead of tax payments, keep track of your customers, employees, and suppliers.  Create a catalog for your customers at the click of a button.  Create barcodes for your inventory and your customers (useful for gift cards).  Print mailing lists to promote sales.  Create and manage invoices for each sale and each customer.

We have modules for different industries, including repair shops, retail stores, and service resellers (ISP's, phone carrier's, etc.).
Our systems are completely scalable to accomodate the largest or smallest needs.   Our software is completely web-based, so integration into existing computer systems is simple.  Regardless of age, brand, or OS, as long as your computer has a web browser, it will work with our software. 

All documents are output in .pdf format, so they can be viewed on any system.

Multiple locations are no problem with our software.  Your stores can share the same system no matter where they are located, with an internet connection and a point of sale system from First Class Radio.

For more information, give us a call or send an email.