Computer Repair.

Is your computer running slow? Do you need more memory for programs, games, pictures or music? Not sure you're getting the most from your system?

We can help! Our PC repair service is top-notch, with most parts in stock, and knowledgeable, experienced technicians, we will get you up and running as soon as possible. Dont throw it away just because you're not sure; bring it to us!

We are well versed and competent servicing PC, Mac, Linux, Netbook, Laptop, Notebook, Tablet, Desktop, Server, thin client, and other systems..

Computer repair doesn't have to be expensive. A Basic Wipe & Reinstall (includes os, drivers, preinstalled programs [if desired], antivirus, anti-malware, and most user-supplied software) is only $60!

Our Guaranteed Virus Removal is only $75! Did you know that we can even rescue lost documents and data? Contact Us for more information.

Most other computer repairs are billed at $60/hour, in half hour increments.

We even make House Calls! At rates that can't be beat! Check out the On-Site Service page for more information